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Everett Storey

Everett Lafayette Storey
September 6, 1914 - August 3, 1988

Who's Who in the World
Marquis/Chicago 1978-1979 Edition from page 896

STOREY, EVERETT LAFAYETTE, publisher;b. Colorado Springs, Colo., Sept. 6, 1914;s. Walter Fletcher and Lois (DeLay) S.:ed. U. Chg., 1932-36 Editor Donnelley Advertiser R.H. Donnelly Corp., Chgo., 1939-46; owner Canterbury Advt. Counselors, Chgo, N.Y.C., 1946-47; founder, publisher West Mag. Inc., Las Vegas, Nev.1956-. founder Deutrel Labs., Santa Paula, Cal., 1965, controlling partner, 1966; pres. Desert Reclamation Corp., Las Vegas, 1957-. Exec. sec. Long Beach Jr. Football League, 1947-49; exec. dir. Am. Med. Research Soc., 1959-63. Co-founder Shrimp Bowl, Chgo., 1948; chmn. San Miguel Automated U. Study Group, Ventura Ca., founder, head coach Acad. Amer. Football, Santa Paula, Ca. Chmn. Youth for Green Ill., 1942-46. Chmn. Republicans for Cannon, Nev., 1958, Recipient Community Service Award Marshall Field, 1947. Mem. Sigma Chi. Club: Southtown Speakers (founder Chgo. 1938). Author: Getting Down to Fundamentals, 1943; football handbook 1966. Patentee hydrogen bomb; perfected deuteron process of soil normalization, 1960.

Genius. That is how Albert Einstein referred to him. In fact, that genius was Everett Lafayette Storey, inventor of the technology used to develop the triggering mechanism enabling the Hydrogen Bomb to exist. Storey was a physical chemist, microbiologist, publisher, and author. And while Storey has been credited with many discoveries, his favorite achievement was designing a substance to heal the body and restore the environment; CELLFOOD. Storey was an expert in the little-known uses of Deuterium, the only non-radioactive isotope of Hydrogen, DI-Polar DI-Base technology, as well as heavy water and atomic binding-force technology. From this, he created CELLFOOD (Deutrosulfazyme), a product he claimed was the key to any disease treatment in the world. Everett L. Storey's formula has the unique ability to dissociate the water molecule into nascent Hydrogen and nascent Oxygen. This splitting of the water molecule results in the release of nascent Hydrogen and Oxygen gases simultaneously in a chain reaction that only involves about one five-hundred thousandth of the available moisture in the body at one time. This results in an additional source of Oxygen. Genius.  

In the mid 1980's, the DEUTERIUM FREEDOM ACT OF 1985 was written for the 99th congress of the United States House of Representatives and introduced to congress. In this proposed BILL presented by H.R. Rep. Mr. Logomarsino, Storey was recognized for his amazing work and the development of CELLFOOD. Line 25 of the ACT states: "because of Deuterium's facility to speed up the digestive process, it will aid in patients getting 'more mileage' out of the food they consume; and at the same time, reduce the toxicity in the blood stream. Deutrosulfazyme is a systemic normalizer. No wonder it is called Liquid Life as well as CELLFOOD.

In 1995, CELLFOOD was classified as a nutritional supplement and not as a drug or patented medicine.

Deutrel Industries continues Ev Storey's personal quest and purpose in providing "advanced nutrition" affordably to the world.

CELLFOOD is the world's leading high-performance oxygen and hydrogen based consumer health product. For over 40 years, CELLFOOD has safely provided nutritional benefits, without toxicity.

Invented by Everett L. Storey, CELLFOOD is a proprietary formulation of a super energized colloidal mineral concentrate. CELLFOOD's Di-base, Di-pole Deuterium Sulfate provides an incredible oxygen source and delivery

system to the body at the cellular level. Scientists recognize that most diseases and infections are caused by oxygen starvation at the cellular level. This biological formulation naturally provides the highest level of nascent oxygen and hydrogen in supplement form improving energy, endurance, and natural health.

CELLFOOD has the unique ability to dissociate the water molecule into nascent hydrogen and nascent oxygen. This water "splitting" technology enables the release of hydrogen and oxygen gases simultaneously in a chain reaction that involves one five-hundred thousandths of the available moisture at one time. Water "splitting" is achieved by means of shifting and weakening the bonding electrons (ionic transfers) of the water molecule towards oxygen and away from hydrogen. CELLFOOD allows the bonds in the electron distribution to be unsymmetrical (polar). The water molecule can then be described as Di-pole, with the oxygen atom acting as a negative pole and the hydrogen acting as a positive pole.

Contained in this formula are "Aerobic" proteins, 17 amino acids, 34 enzymes, 78 major and trace elements, deuterons, electrolytes, and dissolved oxygen. CELLFOOD enhances nutrient absorption and increases metabolism. It promotes greater availability of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutrients. CELLFOOD allows the body to function cleanly and efficiently, resulting in an increased energy level over time

Every product manufactured by Nu Science Corporation contains CELLFOOD and is made from the finest natural substances. These substances are cryogenically extracted (extreme cold), not chemically extracted, and are totally non-toxic. CELLFOOD has been thoroughly tested and does NOT contain any substance that is on the "list of banned  substances" regarding International, Professional, and Amateur Athletic Associations or competitions. Product research and testing information has been completed and compiled by this research facility as well as several independent testing laboratories and clinics.

Dietary supplements are not to be used to prevent or treat any disease. The Statements on this web page have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any information provided on this website is not a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical practitioner. Individuals are advised not to self-medicate in the presence of significant illness. Ingredients in supplements are not drugs and may not be foods.

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