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Pay Per Call Advertising (Per Inquiry)

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Per Inquiry Advertising allows you to pay for the results.  The statons take the risks.

Edit. Note - During the next few weeks we will look at little known form of advertising that will allow you to expand your advertising dollar and maybe your marketing area as well.  Per Inquiry advertising is currently available in radio, television, newspapers and direct mail.  The advantage of this form of marketing is that you pay only when there is an actual response to your ad!  Here's our first article on this important topic:

As media prices continue to climb, more marketers look at per inquiry buys as a way to maximize their advertising dollars.

Thereís a paradigm shift taking place in the direct response television industry and you are the beneficiary.  The rise of Per Inquiry advertising - where the advertiser only pays for success - has been one of the most significant developments in recent years.   

Per Inquiry or Pay Per Call advertising is performance based advertising and is available from local market television stations, cable systems, syndicators, and networks, who are willing to provide air time on a results basis.  Currently, there are over 600 television stations and major cable networks - where you pay only for results.  This is an excellent method of advertising designed to  lower your cost per lead and increase your advertising return on investment.  To be more specific, you will get discounted radio advertising time when you generate sales leads through  per inquiry advertising programs. Itís common to get per inquiry advertising time at 65-70% off the rates stations typically charge their highest volume advertisers.

The Per Inquiry or Pay Per Call advantage is as straightforward as it is innovative: The stations take the risk!

Media broadcasters, much like airlines, try to eke out as much money from their unsold airspace as possible. And like airlines, broadcasters cannot put unsold time (or seats) in a warehouse.  What this means is that prices tend to be inflated and difficult to negotiate down - until the spot is about to run.  

So, what is the advantage of using television for your Per Inquiry campaign? 

TV advertising is arguably the most powerful and persuasive kind of advertising available today. Its dominance flows from its unique ability to combine audio and  visual messages.
Running your PI ads on local cable could land on CNN
Television has demonstrated time and again that it can be counted on to deliver topline sales.

To find out more concerning how you might be able to take advantage of Per Inquiry advertising, contact J. Wood & Associates.  Call 405-285-7052 or email us at

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