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Dr. Lindsey Duncan ND, CN

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Nature’s Way to Healthy Weight Loss
Dr. Lindsey Duncan ND, CN
Dr. Lindsey Duncan ND, CN

As a naturopathic doctor and certified nutritionist, I have dealt with thousands of cases of people wanting or needing to lose weight anywhere from 5 to 200 pounds. I have learned so much about weight loss it could literally fill volumes. People’s patterns, weaknesses, desires, compulsions and even neuroses  can cause weight gain.  I have learned the majority of the time, we do the damage.

When working with a patient who wants to lose weight, I have also learned the road provided to us by Nature is much preferred to the road provided to us by man and medicine. Nature gives us its’ simple, logical and non-evasive principals to live by. When we don’t live by these principles, we become sick and one of the symptoms of illness is obesity. 

Nature never killed anybody on a weight loss program.  Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for man and medicine. There have been far too many people’s lives damaged or lost due to harsh weight loss procedures. Fen Phen - the once popular diet drug  - caused serious health complications (including death) and was taken off the market. Read the warning labels on common O.T.C. weight loss medicines and be prepared to be shocked: “Users may experience “abdominal pain, pounding or irregular heartbeat, severe headaches, severe vomiting, severe nervousness, severe restlessness, convulsions, seizures, hallucinations, hostile behavior,” and more.

All of this begs the question: which road should we choose when going on a healthy weight loss plan: man and medicine’s approach – or Nature’s approach?

Man and medicine often uses synthesized and damaging components to force unnatural weight loss.  Only recently has man and medicine begun to realize that proper diet, consistent exercise, healthy lifestyle, pure water to de-stress and other simple elements are critical for anyone desiring to lose extra pounds.  Man and medicine’s approach has destroyed lives, organs, and even the spirit of its victims - even the nutritional supplement industry has come out with some pretty harsh products.

On the other hand, Nature’s approach is filled with vibrant, live foods rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and thirst quenching liquids, sunshine, plentiful rest, exercise and finally, Nature’s medicine chest which contains nutritional and herbal elements.

The closer we live to nature, the healthier we are. The further we live from nature, the more toxic we become. The more toxic we become, the more our body’s functions and reserves slow down – this contributes to weight gain.

My best results as a nutritionist with weight loss have always come from addressing weight loss from a COMPREHENSIVE, natural approach. We must attack weight loss from all appropriate angles, hold the client’s hand and give Love, support, encouragement and sometimes even a strong push in the right direction. Below is an outline of a very effective and healthy weight loss program:

1. Digestion is Key:

Enhance Digestion with Digestive Enzymes

2. Ensure Proper Elimination:

If you’re not having 2 – 3 bowel movements everyday, get a good all natural Internal Cleansing product and fix the problem quickly.

3. Drink Pure Water:

12 – 13 glasses of purified water daily to flush the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract - critical during weight loss.

4. Enjoy Exercise:

Cardio is critical for weight loss. Panting and sweating enhances mood, mind function and memory.

5. Strengthen the Thyroid Gland:

Make sure the thyroid gland is not slow (hypoactive.) Iodine is the #1 nutrient for our

Thyroid Gland.

6. Cleanse The Liver:

Responsible for metabolizing fats, most overweight people have liver overload: toxic buildup. A clogged liver can also contribute to cellulite formation.

7. Systematically under-eat:

One of the best exercises you can do: “ The Push away.”  That is – to simply learn to push away from the table before you’re full.

8. Get all Vital and Required Nutrients:

What most people don’t know is your body can feel continually hungry because of malnutrition. Feed your body with fast foods and processed carbs and your body will be starving for nutrients

Eating a large quantity of food does not equal eating a large quantity of nutrients. Good liquid nutritional supplements will fix this quickly.

9. STOP eating dead foods:

Junk, fried and fast foods, fat, sugar, caffeine, processed carbs, dairy, cheese and soda.

Remember, the more Live foods we eat, the more alive we feel. The more dead foods we eat . . .

10. Balance blood sugar:

Unbalanced blood sugar levels cause mental confusion and fatigue.

Don’ts: sodas, sugar, stimulants, candy, coffee, overeating, too many carbs (especially in the morning)

Do’s: smaller meal portions throughout the day, B Complex vitamins, Chromium, plenty of Protein and exercise.

11. Increase metabolism:

Age slows metabolism. 

Take Natural nutrients:Iodine, Kelp, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper, Mustard Seed, Ginger to enhance metabolism. Also, digestive enzymes are critical.

7 more important considerations:
  1.  Use herbs to address water retention.   
  2. Use herbs to stimulating BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue.)
  3. Use herbs to increase thermogenesis.               
  4. Use herbs to increase seratonin levels to help control food cravings.
  5. Use herbs to increase circulation.
  6. Use vitamins to increase energy levels.
  7. Plenty of Sunshine, rest & quiet time for contemplation.
The bottom line regarding weight loss is: you have choices. Choose the destructive way - often times devastating and even life threatening results occur. Choose Nature’s way  - and let the power of Nature do its work. From my experience, I suppose there really is no choice.

Clients of Dr. Lindsey Duncan, ND, CN have included many film, music, television and political figures. For a limited time, Dr. Lindsey offers a free health evaluation at his website and can be reached at 888-3BE-WELL, or email at

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