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Aging Healthfully
Dr. Lindsey Duncan ND, CN
Dr. Lindsey Duncan ND, CN

Age is not our enemy…illness is.  The clock may tell us we’re older, but the passage of time is not what ages us prematurely.  Improper living, internal toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, mental anguish, fear, stress and over-use of prescription drugs and antibiotics, other harmful and negative influences all cause our organs, our tissues and our cells to age much more rapidly than they should.  This becomes more of a problem when the effect of these factors have a negative impact on us that goes beyond premature aging and crosses the bridge and enters into the land of illness and disease. 

The Facts

Science has discovered an amazing paradox.  Life expectancy actually lengthens as you age.  The average American child born in 1993 has a life exp of 75.4 years, but average life expectancy of someone 85 years old is 6 more years.  Life expectancy for the 85 year old is 91 years old.  The fact is the longer you live, the longer your total expected life span becomes.

Research also tells us that we are only living 2/3 of the years our bodies are capable of.  Human life span is at least 20 to 30 years longer than most of us actually live today.    Even though we are living longer today than 100 years ago, the large majority of elderly are living with a quality of life that is completely overwhelmed with pain, illness, chronic health conditions, chemicals, drugs and medicine. 

Are You Aging Too Fast

There are very clear signs and symptoms that are indicators that we may be aging too fast.  Below is only a partial list.

1.                  Energy levels dropping quickly?

2.                  Noticed brown spots around your eyes and hands?

3.                  Receding, thinning, drying and graying of hair.

4.                  Rapid hearing loss or ringing in the ears.

5.                  Recurring constipation and other bowel problems.

6.                  Insomnia and other sleeping problems.

7.                  Joint pain, crackling, stiffness, knobs and enlarged joints.

8.                  More frequent sinus and respiratory infections and longer recovery times.

9.                  Failing eyesight.

10.              Difficulty in putting on weight or taking off weight.

11.              Dry eyes, trouble tearing, dry nasal passage.

12.          Skin on hands, arms and neck becoming thinner, bruising easily and getting strawberry marks.

13.              Weakening muscles.

14.              Brittle and more frequent chipping of teeth.

15.              More frequent heartburn, indigestion and gas.

16.              Loss of height and neck starting to hunch over or lean forward.

17.              Poor circulation – cold hands and cold feet.

18.              Frequent forgetfulness and other memory problems.

The 10 Major Contributors to Premature Aging

1.                  Exposure to environmental toxins and all other poisons.  These chemicals and toxins can come from a multitude of places; from mercury in our teeth to chemicals inside our homes and offices to poisons in the air, water and food to chemicals at our work place.

2.                  Constipation and poor digestion.  Faulty digestion does not allow our food to be burned and utilized as fuel.  Our food then turns to toxins and begins to have a damaging effect on all of our cells, tissues and organs.  Further this problem with constipation, where toxins are reabsorbed back into our blood stream and the cells and tissues and organs become even more toxic and age even more rapidly.

3.                  Poor diet.  Unhealthy food, especially sugar, fried foods, fast foods, junk foods and other dead foods have little to no life in them and offer no benefit to our cells, except rapid aging.

4.                  Stress and fear.  Recent scientific studies show that all negative emotions have a direct, immediate and negative impact on all of our cells.

5.                  Lack of sleep.  Without proper sleep our bodies cannot rejuvenate, which means our cells cannot rejuvenate, which means they age.

6.                  Lack of exercise.  Exercise stimulates and oxygenates our entire body, including all of our cells.  This is critical to combat premature aging. 

7.                  Sugar and alcohol.  These two destructive elements damage all of our cells, tissues and organs and even our mood, mind, memory and spirit. 

8.                  Drugs.  Long term use of harsh drugs and chemicals have the same effect and in some cases, even worse, as sugar and alcohol.

9.                  The sun.  The sun is important for us to live; however, overuse and abuse of the sun can age our bodies externally, as quickly and harshly as alcohol, sugar and drugs damage our bodies internally.

10.              Overeating and eating late at night.  These do not allow us to rest at night and instead force us to digest and fight with large quantities of food until the early hours of the morning. 

Start Aging Healthfully Today.

Like many things in life, by identifying what causes the problem and simply counteracting it, the solution or answer becomes obvious.  Below is a list of quick, easy and very effective steps to take in your new anti-aging program.

1.              Keep your environment, including indoor air, water and work place as free of toxins and poisons as humanly possible.

2.                Keep your internal body clean and bowels moving 2 to 3 times each day to assure toxins are not reabsorbed into your blood stream.  Also, I recommend everybody over the age of 45 take a good multi-digestive enzyme before every meal.

3.            Eat as much live foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) as possible.  These foods are chock full of wonderful anti-aging enzymes and anti-oxidants and other nutrients.  And don’t forget plenty of pure fresh water!

4.              Make time each day for quiet time alone for prayer and meditation.  More and more evidence points to the fact that this has an immediate slowing on the aging process.

5.                Seven to nine hours of sleep every night, and for those people who are fatigued, a short nap daily works wonders to energize and rejuvenate your cells.

6.             Cardiovascular exercise, which means panting and sweating, produces, by
far the most anti aging results.  Remember, one time a week is better than zero and three times is better than one.

7.               Stop all sugar and alcohol!  It kills the body, mind and spirit!

8.                If you take drugs or medication, ask your doctor if he or she will work with  you gradually to create a plan to get off of any drugs or medication.  There are some cases where it is difficult to impossible to go off of a medication, but these cases are much fewer and far between than we realize.

9.                Play with the sun intelligently, early morning sun and later afternoon sun is the healthiest.  Don’t toast your body; the sun will be relentless if you let it.

10.         Throughout my career, I have worked closely with many centenarians, and every one of them eats early, small portions and they are not emotional eaters.

11.           Take a good multi-antioxidant supplement every day.

Our golden years should be filled with peace, joy, rest, fun, love, travel, happiness and a time where we stop and truly smell the fosse.  We just spent the majority of our life working ourselves to the bone.  Be PREPARED to enjoy the golden years of your life without pain, problems and drugs.
Clients of Dr. Lindsey Duncan, ND, CN have included many film, music, television and political figures. For a limited time, Dr. Lindsey offers a free health evaluation at his website and can be reached at 888-3BE-WELL, or email at

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