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The Internet Your Portal To The World

Knowing What Products People Are Interested In Knowing About!

Let me ask you a couple of questions pertaining to how you determine what to stock in your store.

  • How do you market your store to attract additional traffic?
  • Would it be useful to know what your local clientele is interested in buying before you stock a type of product such as skin care or vitamins?
  • How would you like to expand your effective marketing area from a two mile radius of your store to double the national average?
  • For that matter, how would you like for your web site to increase its productivity and attract customers nation wide or even worldwide like Wal Mart or J. C. Penny or even online stores like
  • Would you be interested in knowing how to reach 80% of all internet users, world wide, who have shown an interest in your inventory during the past 30 days?
  • Once you knew what people are interested in buying, would you like to know how to reach them and possibly convert them into customers?
There are approximately 945 million people using the internet everyday with first time users logging onto the internet once every 1.67 seconds.  But, just knowing the statistics doesn't assure that your web site will attract enough traffic to justify the expense of the site.  Attracting traffic to your store and to your web site is essential to expanding your market share and profitability.  Here are a couple of things that could help:
  1. Become aware of the product types that your potential customers have expressed an interest within that past 30 days.  That information is on the internet at  Did you know, for instance, that 291,213 searched the internet last month for vitamins?  An additional 30,859 searched for vitamin supplement, 61680 searched for vitamin C, and 43,817 searched for vitamin B-12.  Not only can you know the general product type, but also the specific product type (vitamin C).  Another product type that attracted a lot of attention last month was skin care with 265,354 searches. 
  2. Making sure your potential clientele in your neighborhood is an ongoing process.  Brochures, flyers, sack stuffers, newsletters, radio, TV or newspapers are used to help attract customers.  Many times the information you make available to your clientele may be what they are looking for and maybe not.  Being able to leverage the demand for a type of product with your promotion vehicle should help in attracting customers.
  3. The same is true with the internet and your web site.  The one challenge is making sure that people see your site.  That is easily accomplished.  Pay Per Click search engines like Overture or GoogleAds on Google will make sure that you are listed at the top of a search page.  Using Overture will make sure you will be seen by 80% of all internet users looking for your products.
  4. One final suggestion is to test your ads whether on the internet or local advertising.  Some things that you do will work better than others.  Test your headlines as well as your content to see how they draw.  If you find that one headline works better than another, then eliminate the one that doesn't draw and use the one that does. 
  5. In whatever you do, the challenge is to be sure that people who see your ad actually buys.   Be sure you measure the conversion rate from visitor to paying customer.
For more details about how you can effectively use Overture to identify what your customers are looking for.  Or if your are interested in knowing more about the internet and how to build traffic and generate sales, visit

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