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The Internet Your Portal To The World

Internet Marketing Plan

If you want to take your online marketing to the next level, then consider developing and executing a marketing plan. When you create your plan, you can make it a subset of the marketing plan provided here.

Of course, some of the marketing techniques listed in theis section may not fit with the type of product or service you are selling, so customize your plan, by choosing only the marketing techniques you feel most comfortable with.

For example, some people prefer techniques that they can do during late night hours. Some people love techniques that involve picking up a phone, while others would shy away from those type of techniques. Some people enjoy working on techniques that are a bit harder, knowing the payoff can be better. Other people like techniques which they complete with relative ease.

Phase 1

Check Mark Industry Directory Submissions
  Submit to B2C (Business to Consumer) directories for your industry (e.g. Travel Industry Directory, Pets/Animals Directory). Also submit to B2B (Business to Business) directories. (e.g. Ink Manufacturer selling to Printing Companies; any business selling products/services to other businesses).
Check Mark Regional Directory Submissions
  If you have a local business, submit to regional directories. (e.g. Sidewalk San Diego, Seattle Happenings, Southern California Restaurant Guide, etc).
Check Mark Article Submissions
  Write articles and send them to ezine editors to be included as a feature article in their ezine. End the article with a "byline" which is a few sentences about your online business, and with a hotlink to your site. There are tens of thousands of ezines, and if you article gets included in just a handful of ezines you could find your article in front of a few hundred thousand readers!
Check Mark Newsgroup Postings
  Find newsgroups related to your industry, or that your target audience would be reading. Then make some intelligent posts, contributing to the ongoing discussion(s). Each of your posts should have an e-signature, with a headline and hotlink to your site. Make sure you follow the Posting Guidelines for each newsgroup. Most newsgroups do not allow advertising posts. Read the newsgroup messages and get a feel for the newsgroup, and what is allowed and not allowed. Very important: Do not, under any circumstances, use blatant advertising when posting to newsgroups. (unless the newsgroup specifically allows ads and announcements) If you cross the line, people will flame you, send you email bombs, and hack your website. This is very real, so proceed cautiously. If done correctly, newsgroup postings can bring you a great deal of traffic.
Check Mark Banner Advertising

Phase 2

Check Mark Start Affiliate Program
Check Mark Follow-up Email Campaign
  Virtually every pro marketer uses this powerful technique. Use automatic follow-up autoresponders to email a series of sales messages to your prospects, on preset days or intervals. Implementation is simple, just sign up for an account, load your messages, and specify the number of days between messages.
Check Mark Start a Weekly Ezine
Check Mark Online Auctions: "Dutch Auctions"
  Use the online auction sites to sell 20, 50 or 100 units of your product. calls this a "dutch auction." Before you are allowed to conduct a dutch auction, you must sell items in the regular mode, and build up a track record with eBay.
Check Mark Ad Saturation
  Saturate your FFA and classifieds advertising for optimal results.

Phase 3


Check Mark Maintain your Search Engine Listings
  Use the various promotion tools and resources in the section to help you maintain, analyze, prepare, and adjust your SE listings.
Check Mark Maintain your PPC Search Engine Listings
  Log into your account, and regularly check your current listing positions, and modify your bids as necessary.
Check Mark Send Additional Press Releases
  Stay in front of the media. If possible send out approximately one press release per month.
Check Mark Place Additional Ezine Ads
  Once you have developed a winning ezine ad, find additional ezines that target your audience. Now increase your advertising, by gradually advertising in ezines with larger and larger circulations. Always continue to measure your advertising effectiveness.
Check Mark More Targeted E-mail
  Once you have determined that targeted emailing is working for you, you can multiply your efforts and do double, triple, or even ten times the amount of mailing.
Check Mark Enhance Your Marketing Strategy
  Incorporate one of the seven overall marketing strategies.
Check Mark Branding
  Come up with a brandable product name, and then setup a branding strategy. If you are running an affiliate program, the banners displayed by your affiliates can acting as your branding.
Check Mark ATGs and Viral Machines
  Setup ATGs (automatic traffic generators) such as postcard systems and tell-a-friend systems, and incorporate viral marketing into your marketing plan.
Check Mark JV Marketing
  Setup JVs (joint ventures) with other webmasters and ezine publishers.
Check Mark Expand Your Market
  Develop foreign language versions of your website, and of your product. Also consider developing a WAP (wireless application protocol) version of your website which can be viewed on wireless devices including cellular phones.

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