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The Internet offers one of the most powerful money making opportunities anywhere!  Millions of people are on the Internet daily. Yearly Internet commerce is in the billions per year and is expected to climb to over a trillion in in the next few years!

You've heard the success stories, ranging from the home-based business to the large companies, all with booming business on the Internet. So what do all these success stories have in common?  Internet marketing. They created an internet website, and properly marketed it.

Online marketing is, simply put, marketing on the Internet. The Internet is a wonderful place to do business! And for many good reasons:

  • Reason 1: Advertising on the Internet is free or practically free. Conventional advertising can be expensive. But on the Internet, advertising and marketing is practically free!
  • Reason 2: Online marketing is much faster than conventional marketing. There are no ad deadlines to deal with. No two-month delays for your magazine ad to appear. And no printing, envelope stuffing, or mailing.

  • Reason 3: The internet levels the playing field. Off the Internet, a small retail sporting goods shop has a hard time competing with Sportmart, a superstore the size of an entire city block. The small retail shop can only afford small newspaper ads. Sportmart has giant ads and special pull-out sections. But on the Internet the small sporting goods shop can present products with the same professionalism and flash as Sportmart.

    Think about it... Coke and Pepsi can afford to spend one million dollars per minute on television ads. But on the Internet, they can't do anything better than you can do.

    With the proper website, a teenager working out of his bedroom could look bigger than Coca-Cola. This is the "level playing field advantage." You can create a dynamic web presence that will put you on equal footing with large companies, make you look professional and instill confidence in your potential customers.

  • Reason 4: Selling on the Internet is easier than anywhere else. Unlike a retail store, an Internet online store requires very little maintenance and effort. Plus there's no employee payroll, no rent, no insurance and none of the other costs associated with a retail store.

    Each and every day thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions of people could visit your online store, view photos and detailed information about your products, place online orders, enter their credit card numbers, and have their funds automatically deposited into your bank account. Setup properly you could build yourself an online money machine, automatically working around the clock, with little to no effort on your part.

  • Reason 5: You can instantly make changes to your website. A typical color brochure can easily cost thousands of dollars for design and printing. But if you discover an error, want to change a price or add a new product, you can't. You're stuck with that brochure until you re-design and print a one. But not on the Internet. On the Internet you have total freedom to adjust prices, add new products, put new graphics on your website, and so on. And changes can be made in a day or less.

  • Reason 6: The ability to quickly and easily collect demographics and statistics. Once your Internet business is rolling, you'll really appreciate this. In marketing it is critical to test and measure, make changes, and then repeat the test & measure process.

    For instance... ad concepts, headlines, price points, and offers can all be tested and measured. Whatever works, you keep... whatever doesn't work, you change back.

    In print advertising and direct mail, one single test can take two to three months. But on the Internet you can test and measure, make changes to your website, then test and measure some more, all in a matter of days.

  • Reason 7: There are many potential customers. There are tens of millions of people on the Internet each and every day. That's certainly enough prospects to make your marketing effort worthwhile.

  • Reason 8: Prospects are in the right frame of mind. 

    On the Internet, most prospects are in a working mood or a business frame of mind. Taking action is certainly convenient. Filling out a simple online order form, or clicking a button to print a fax or mail order form couldn't be easier.

    And with online ordering there are no postal delays... the order is received moments after they click the "Order Submit" button.

Let's recap. The Internet is a wonderful place to do business, because the results are almost immediate, changes are easy, and it's virtually free. The Internet's "level playing field advantage" allows small companies to compete with the giants. There are many many prospective customers on the Internet, and these customers are in the right frame of mind to place an order.

Web Directories
Web Directories are hierarchical directories on the internet that are maintained by people (as opposed to robot spiders and relevancy search engines).  The web directories are Yahoo (which now gets second billing to relevancy results provided by Google) Looksmart, Open Directory Project, DMOZ and a half a dozen other smaller directories.  We recommend you research your keywords and submit manually to all of the web directories.  It will take about an hour to submit to all the live directories, and some of them charge a fee for the submission.  
Your Website can become a New Revenue Stream
  • Permission Marketing - You should be using a well crafted permission marketing effort.  Gather the e-mail addresses of the visitors to your website (with their express permission), send them your periodic newsletter, product updates, and special offers, etc....  If you do not have a permission marketing strategy currently running on your site, you are missing a valuable tool and another way to help generate sales, additional traffic, and improve conversion rates.
  • Banner Exchanges (Free) - You can get free banner advertising by joining a free banner exchange like,, or dozens of others.  By giving up some advertising space on your site, you can get free banner advertising on someone else's sites.
  • Per Impression (CPI) Campaigns (Fee) -  Only site owners that have a bit of experience with other promotional tools should consider this resource.  Impressions ads like banners, skyscrapers, buttons, pop-ups, and pop-unders, are a good method of online branding, because there is no better way to put your name in front of huge amounts of people fast.  While they do cost money, and the click through rate is not as high as it used to be (or as high as other methods), they are another way to generate traffic to your site.
  • Newsletter Campaigns - There are literally thousands and thousands of permission based email newsletters on the internet.  Most of these sell commercial ad space.  There are some unbelievable bargains to be had on these resources, and click-through rates are much higher than banners.  They are great tools and should not be neglected.
  • Newsletter Ad Swaps (Free) - Once your permission marketing email list is built up to a reasonable level, you can easily trade ads with other newsletters that share your target audience, but who are not necessarily your direct competitors.  This can give you a massive reach to your target audience on the internet. 
  • Affiliate Programs -  Affiliate programs are the "Queen Mother" of internet marketing.  Many of the most successful websites on the internet get the majority of their traffic and sales from affiliate programs.  In short, you can quickly and easily recruit hundreds or even thousands of websites that will promote your product or service, and link to you in return for a small percentage of every sale they send your way.  In other words, you use an affiliate program to recruit a huge commissioned sales force of websites.  Affiliate programs are no longer the exclusive domain of the e-commerce giants.  Two of the largest and familiar affiliate programs are: WalMart and Amazon.  You can and should be running an affiliate program on your site.
  • Leverage Marketing -  Many of the strategies when used in combination with each other, make each other dramatically more powerful.  For example, using a classified ad blast to promote your affiliate program.  There are literally hundreds of possible combinations of these effective marketing tools that can really ratchet up your marketing.
  • Content Driven Marketing Strategies (Free) - Not necessarily a great option for every website, content driven marketing takes time and effort, but can pay huge dividends.  Create a purely information area of your website dedicated to top notch information about your subject matter.  Optimize every page for relevancy search engines, and be sure to feature an offer on every page.  The increased exposure to search engine information seekers can dramatically drive traffic.
These are just a few of the marketing techniques available for you to help build your revenue from your website.  Many others are available as well and all should be used to help build your qualified traffic.  It may sound time consuming, but the most time is spent in getting your marketing set up initially.  Afterwards, you can fine tune your efforts in just an hour or two per day.


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