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Good Product or Service + Fair Price + Good Website + Plenty of Qualified Traffic = A Successful Website
The Internet YOur Portal To The World

What a wonderful tool a website is for your store.  The internet is the fastest growing of all the medias and it expands your marketing area making the world your backyard.  But just having a website doesn't guarantee success.  There is a lot of competition as evidenced by the 1.6 million new websites that went online in 2001. 

So, let's take a few minutes and talk about some things that will help make your site a new revenue stream worth the dollars you have invested in it.  Our hope is that the information we are sharing will allow you to develop a plan of action that will make your website profitable.

Search Engines
Success on the internet doesn't happen by accident, and it most often doesn't come from traditional search engines.  For your health food store to succeed you must have a well-rounded marketing using most or all of the internet promotional techniques available.  Virtually all of these promotional techniques are free or cost very little.  However, if you rely on traditional search engines for your success, you will likely fail.  A high listing in traditional search engines is not what it once was due to sponsored sites.  Paid listings displace the free listings at the top of all major search engines such as Yahoo, Netscape, AOL, Google and Alta Vista.  Furthermore, such search engines, we'll call them relevancy search engines, cannot be precisely controlled.  Therefore, a good approach to website promotion is to use any and all available tools, including relevancy search engine positioning.     
Your Website can become a New Revenue Stream

 Building traffic to your website, just like your store, is the critical goal we all face in making the site profitable.  It is a process and takes time.  Most websites can generate 1000 unique visitors in their first month with the appropriate amount of promotion and it only gets better from there.

So what can we expect from our site? 

Most commercial sites on the internet get less than 10 unique visitors a day.   The conversion rate for commercial websites on the internet average about 2%.  This means that if you are the average website owner, it will take 100 unique visitors to your site to generate two orders.  The best commercial sites boast conversion rates of 3%.  Conversion rates consistently higher than 3% are unheard of.

That means that a website that gets 10 visitors a day or about 300 visitors a month can look forward to about six orders a month.  Now you understand that your website is like your store and requires constant attention for it to be successful.  An example is Kaiser  We're told that this site generates sales of between $ 2000 and $5000 per month.  This shows that with the proper time and effort you can take your website from where it is and build it to levels of revenue that makes worthwhile.  What would that kind of added revenue do for your business?

The Goal is finding qualified traffic! 

It is relatively easy to build traffic to your sebsite.  The challenge is to find traffic who are interested in what you have to offer.  Not just any traffic will be beneficial to you. So, lets take a look at several things that you can do that will help you find  qualified traffic for your store-front.
  • Relevancy Search Engines - This is still an option in marketing you site.  One thing is certain: You need to be located on the first page of a search as close to the top as possible (usually within the top five).   This may be accomplished  with page titles, descriptions and page text that are rich with effective keywords.  A sample of the top search engines and directories include: Netscape, Excite, Lycos, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Google, Alexa, AOLAsk Jeeves, Can't U Find (A Family Safe Search Engine) and more. 
  • Vertical Portals - These are search engines that search one topic only.  Let me give you an example of what we are talking about.  Go to: The Nutrition Portal and do a search for any product.  Then go to a relevancy search engine and do the same search.  Generally, you will find the relevancy search engine will give you thousands of responses about everything remotely connected with your search whereas the vertical portal will give you very specific results based on your request.
  • Online Auctions - eBay, Yahoo Auctions and dozens of others are a good way to directly promote your products to one of the best online communities of shoppers on the web. 
  • News Groups - There are thousands of groups online that are very topic specific.  For instance, when you go to Yahoo you will find a Health and Wellness link to groups talking about Alternative Medicine (4214), Health and Wellness (296), Fitness and Nutrition (4506), Stress Management (867) and many more.  Other places to go for chat groups or News Groups inlcude: Google, and AOL (probably the best on the internet for group discussions) among others.   Do you think it might be beneficial to go to a group of people who are looking for alternatives to traditional treatment for joint pain, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, weight loss and diet, just to name a few?  The News Groups and Chat Groups probably won't allow you to advertise, but you can put your web address at the end of the message when you sign your name.
  • Webrings - Is a great way to tap into a community that is interested in your products and services.  Webrings are free and easy to join; require no maintenance; and can send dozens of qualified visitors to your website each week.
  • Free Classifieds (Free) - Take only time and effort, but are great.  There are submission services, for a small fee, will automatically submit and resubmit your classified advertising, complete with a link to your website, to the giant network of free classfied ad listings on the Web.  Again, you can do this yourself for free. 
  • Bid Ranked Search Engines - Bid ranked search engines are different than traditional relevancy search engines, because unlike traditional search engines you can precisely control the bid ranked engines.  There are currently 400 (and growing weekly) bid ranked engines on the internet.  Bid ranked search engines are pay per click advertising tools where you pay exactly what you want to pay for traffic.  If used properly, bid ranked search engines can be one of the best sources of super-qualified, low cost traffic.
  • Link Trading (Free/Fee) - We believe trading reciprocal links with other websites that share your market demographic is absoutely crucial to your success.  Not only does link trading increase traffic to your site, but it also helps your link popularity which can positively influence your search engine position in some search engines.  Link trading takes time and effort, and typically costs nothing unless you opt for a low cost service to help you manage your link trading efforts. 
These are just a few of the marketing techniques available for you to help build your revenue from your website.  Many others are available as well and all should be used to help build your qualified traffic.  It may sound time consuming, but the most time is spent in getting your marketing set up initially.  Afterwards, you can fine tune your efforts in just an hour or two per day.


For additional information on how to effectively market your website contact J. Wood &
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