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Fennel Seed

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The following article is reproduced with kind permission of P.Topham, U.S. Nutritional and Herbal Researcher:

FennelHighly respected as both a food and a medicine in ancient Rome and Greece, it was thought to have magical powers in medieval times and was hung over doors to keep out witches. Fennel, a hardy perennial is native to the Mediterranean, but has now been introduced to Europe and the USA.

Studies show that fennel has compounds that act like the female hormone oestrogen. These say that it helps to stabilise hormone activity during menopause and has been used for centuries to promote milk flow in nursing mothers. But it should be avoided during pregnancy.

Fennel is anti-inflammatory, and is often used in treating inflammation of the eyes or mouth. It also makes a good mouthwash for gum disease.

Copyright 2000 - 2005 P. Topham:
U.S. Nutritional and Herbal Researcher - All Rights Reserved.

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