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Our #1 Goal is to convert 100% of the people who visit our stores into repeat customers!
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Our Goal is to encourage our clientele to come into the store more often and make more purchases.
The critical question that we want to address in this article is: How many people visiting your store actually make a purchase again and again?

You might be surprised  by the answer ( it differs from one store to another), but far too many times a person might not make a repeat purchase.  Reasons vary, but it is our goal to change that negative into a positive by doing the following:
  • Increase Traffic into the store
  • Increase the percentage of people who buy
  • Increase the average minimum purchase
This may sound like a tall order, but we hope that you will read this entire article to see if we may have some ideas that could be beneficial for you and your business.

What motivates our target customer to shop at one place over another?  Well, if we knew that, we would be able to make whatever adjustments necessary to get them into our store.  Sometimes its location, convenience, customer service or prices.  Sometimes, we may not have the product they are looking for.  Sometimes, we have the product, but not the brand they are looking for.   All of these things and more factor into a shoppers buying decisions. 

During the next few issues, we will be looking at suggestions that may make a difference.  Some fine tuning here and there may help build the bottom line and make you a source of information that your customers will come to rely upon.


In each store there are basic things that we can all do to enhance our customers buying potential.  Things like:
  1. Sack Stuffers - Flyers or brochures in every sack that leaves the store.  This gives you the opportunity to inform your customer of a new product, give them a little educational information on existing products, sale information, or non traditional revenue events like a store sponsored seminar or health fair.  This allows you to keep in contact with 100% of your existing clientele.
  2. Product displays next to the register.  It's amazing how people will ask about something in which they have no knowledge or no intent to purchase just because it is sitting there.  Many time the questions they ask lead to additional items in ther basket.
  3. Sales rack in the back of the store.  When your customers go to the back of the store to find the sales items you have specially priced, they have to pass everything else in the store to get there.  As customers walk to the sale section of the store with the intent of purchasing only one sale item, many times, they will end up finding additional product in between that ends up in their basket.  This is called "Impulse Buying" and should be a regular part of your merchandising effort.
These are only three of things that can be done to help increase traffic, and increase the average minimum purchase.  But, there is more that can be done.

Added Value

Your customers always want to feel like you appreciate their business.  Maybe that is something that we just take for granted, but shouldn't.  Everyone likes to be told that they are appreciated.

One method of showing your appreciation is through offering an"Added Value" item when your customer makes a purchase.  For example:  Buy one, get one FREE!  It's amazing how people respond to the word "FREE".   As a matter of fact, FREE may be the most important word you can use when dealing with your customers. 

When you offer your clientele a "Buy one get one FREE" special the customer feels like they are being appreciated!   The good thing for you is that you are still getting your margins, but you are also building customer loyalty.  In addition, you are the beneficiary of their actions once they leave the store.  There is no advertising like "word of mouth" advertising.  Do you think that making a FREE offer might encourage your customers to tell others about your store and the added value you are offering?

Let me give you a real life example of this concept.  Blue Stuff helped establish their business a few years ago by offering "FREE Samples" every time a customer bought a jar of Blue Stuff.  Customers loved it and Blue Stuff had their clientele sharing the samples with their friends and family.  The result was new customers!  Blue Stuff became very well established with their pain rub by "word of mouth" advertising encouraged by the company with FREE Samples.  

By the way, your free offer doesn't have to be FREE product.  It can just as easily be a FREE report or health magazine, or a FREE seminar or workshop.  All of these "added value" activities can help generate customer loyality, increased traffic, and larger minimum purchases. 

Additionally, many stores allow each of us to be able to help our clientele in other ways as well.  Bringing in a Naturopathic doctor or nutritional consultant or massage therapist or reflexologist or iridologist to consult with your clients is something that you may want to offer your customers.  Their recommendations may also lead to additional sales as well. 

We are interested in your feedback.  Contact us at or call 405-285-7052. 

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