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Memory Almost Full

Memory Almost Full - Paul McCartney

Keeping up with the Beatles has always been a prominent sideline for Boomers starting during our teenage years.  The Beatles stormed our shores so many years ago, but what a breath of fresh air they brought with them.  They were so full of music and fun and it was all so contagious.

Their music had its ups and downs, Some of it picked you up and was very encouraging while some was just not very good (listen to Revolution #9 on the White album).  For the most part however, we 
lived for the new single or album knowing that it would be so good and would fit whatever we had going on in our lives at the time.

Even when the Beatles became solo artists, we cherished each new collection of music released to the public.  We heard more from Ringo than ever, realized the true talent that George possessed, John had his biggest song, Imagine, and continued to remind us of what was wrong with our society and encouraged us with what it could become.  Paul continued to  write and record as a solo artist and then a whole new set of memories for a new generation with Wings.

Well, the years have come and gone and we have endured the murder of John and the death of George.  We saw Vietnam come to an end and the disco craze where everyone was dancing that the war was over.  We experienced the total amazment when man landed on the moon and the utter dispair when space launches took lives. We saw the live coverage of the earth quake in San Francisco during the World Series and experienced the shock of 9/11 and the concerns about global warming and high gas prices. Through it all we have kept our sanity and our hope and the world continues to grow.  We still love our music and as we grow older that music takes on more meaning because of how it helps us recall the good memories from the past and how we grew up with the Beatles as a group and individually.

Do you remember where you were the first time you heard Paul sing "Yesterday"?  How about the day we first heard the  I Want To Hold Your Hand, or listened to the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album or Hey Jude?  The Beatles reflected our lives and changed our music and we took it everywhere with us on the radio or eight track.  Their music continues to brings back the memories of  football games in the fall and summer camping trips, the prom and our car and dragging the strip and our first date.  Memories from long ago, but life is not yet complete and there is still room for more.  

Paul McCartney's CD Memory Almost Full reminds us again of how our lives are connected to the music of the time.  For sure, the writer of "When I'm 64" lived to experience that ripe old age and more and being older Mccartney's music reflects the experiences of a lifetime.  Life and death, relationships and those that we no longer have, but all in all life is good and we go on. 

I hope that you will take the time to listen to the CD and remember the old times.  But, more important than that is what this collection of music does for us today.  Dance Tonight has that good time feeling that lets us know that everything is all right and it appropriately leads off the CD.  Ever Present Past reminds us of life experiences and the busy schedule that sometimes takes over our lives. 

Musically, Paul continues to grow introducing chord progressions and styles that are new to him.  Lyrically you still hear the McCartney from the past while the maturity  of life has given his music added depth.

The Beatles took a generation full of expectation and reflected our hopes and fears. All these years later, McCartney fills us full of hope once again with his new offering as we continue to experience life and knowing that his music continues seems fitting.  So, here's to the future and the journey and all that life has in store for us. 

Take McCartney's Memory Almost Full and make it a great day!

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